How to Get SIRA Approval for CCTV Installation in Dubai

When it comes to getting your CCTV installation SIRA approved in Dubai, there are some important steps to follow. Though the process might seem overwhelming at first, in reality, it's simple and straightforward. You can be sure that your CCTV will meet sira cctv requirements when you work with a qualified company. we've created a list detailing the steps involved in getting sira approved cctv installation. This page will explain exactly what you need to do.

Identify Whether You Need SIRA Approved CCTV Installation

There are places for which it is a legal requirement to have CCTV. You need to check if your establishment falls under this list:

  • Banks Or Money Exchanges
  • Gold Jewelry Retail Outlet
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Petrol Stations
  • Labour Accommodation
  • Warehouses
  • Free Zone Companies

If your company acts under one of these categories, you are legally required to have a SIRA approved CCTV system. This is to protect your premises and all who frequent them.

Have Your Site Inspected

When preparing for SIRA approved CCTV installation, you will need experts from a sira approved company to come and inspect your site. this is to see where you need your cctv installed. professional installation companies know how and where to put your cctv. you should arrange a visit from them as soon as possible to start the process.

Estimation and Planning Will Come Next

Once they have visited your site, the installation team will come up with a layout for where your CCTV will go. This will be completely in accordance with SIRA guidelines. It is recommended that you work with SIRA approved companies. Their experience will mean that they know where installation is required, so there is no risk of paying for CCTV that doesn't meet SIRA requirements.


On a time and day that is pre-arranged by yourself and the SIRA approved CCTV company, your new CCTV system will be fitted at the premises. You will be fulfilling the mandatory requirements for CCTV by the time the team are finished on-site. This is an important step, and a SIRA approved company will work closely with you to ensure that minimal disruption is caused for your business or customers. The process should be quick and convenient.

Complete SIRA Documentation

When your system is fitted, it's time to inform SIRA of the details of your site and CCTV system. They will need to know the necessary details for their database. On the SIRA portal, you will find all of the documents you need to complete. You will be asked for information about the hardware used and the company who fitted the CCTV. This information will be used to partially determine whether your CCTV installation meets SIRA standards.

Organise a SIRA Inspection

The final step towards getting your SIRA approval is organising an inspection with their staff. SIRA representatives will come and take a look at your security system. Their objective is to check that it has been fitted in accordance with SIRA requirements. Once they see that it is satisfactory, they will pass your company.

Getting SIRA Approval in Dubai is Simple

Once you pass your inspection, your business can obtain a SIRA NOC to renew its Dubai trade license. There's nothing to fear when you work with an officially accredited CCTV installation company. CCTV installation in Dubai doesn't have to be a difficult process. If you want to know more about the installation process, you can find more information on our website. Get in touch to arrange a site visit from our qualified team today.

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