List of Public Holidays in UAE 2024

When is the Next Holiday?

Life in the UAE, a vibrant hub of business and culture, can often feel like a continuous cycle of work. Ensuring smooth home operations is essential, especially when public holidays can sometimes catch you off guard and disrupt your plans. In 2024, UAE observes following public holidays, offering opportunities for celebration, reflection, and valuable time off. These holidays include Eid-ul-Fitr, Arafat Day, Eid-ul-Adha, Islamic New Year, Prophet’s Birthday, Commemoration Day, UAE National Day, and New Year’s Eve.

The UAE government has announced the public holidays for 2024, applicable to both public and private sectors. These holidays offer a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends. However, they can also be times when homes are left unattended, making security a top priority. Here’s the list of holidays:

1. New Year’s Day – 1 January

Celebrate the start of the new year with grand events and fireworks across the UAE.

2. Eid Al Fitr –  8 April to 11 April

Marking the end of Ramadan, this holiday is celebrated with prayers, feasts, and family gatherings.

3. Arafah Day and Eid Al Adha – 15 June to 18 June

Known as the Feast of Sacrifice, it commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. The official Eid Al Adha UAE 2024 dates have been announced by the UAE government for the public and private sectors. Arafat Day will be observed on Saturday June 15, thus, the first day of Eid Al Adha 2024 will fall on Sunday June 16. This means that both federal and private sector employees will enjoy a a four-day public holiday (if you count the weekend) starting from Saturday June 15 until Tuesday June 18, 2024.

 4. Hijri New Year (Islamic New Year) – 1 Muharram 1446 AH (likely 7 July)

A time for reflection and prayer, marking the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar.

5. Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday – 12 Rabi’ Awwal 1446 AH (likely 15 September)

Honoring the birth of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) with prayers and recounting his teachings.

6. National Day – 2 and 3 December 2024

Celebrating the unification of the seven emirates, this day is marked with parades, fireworks, and cultural events.

Note: Islamic holidays are determined according to moon sighting.

Ensure Your Home’s Security During Holidays

As you plan for the upcoming public holidays in the UAE for 2024, ensure your home is protected with the best security solutions. Discover the UAE’s public holidays and learn how installing a home security system from E Concept can provide peace of mind while you celebrate  your holidays and vacation with your loved ones.

Why Install Home security systems?

During vacation or public holidays, often see families traveling or spending extended periods away from home. This can be a vulnerable time for your property. Here’s why a CCTV installation from E Concept is essential:

  • Enhanced Peace of Mind: Enjoy your holidays knowing your home is being monitored.
  • Stay Connected: Keep an eye on your property remotely, no matter where you are.
  • Quick Response: Receive instant alerts and updates, ensuring any situation is handled promptly.
  • Increased Safety: Deter unwanted visitors and enhance the overall security of your home.

At E Concept, we offer top-of-the-line CCTV security systems, intruder alarm systems, video intercom systems tailored to your needs. Our features include:

  • High-Resolution Cameras: Clear video quality day and night.
  • Remote Monitoring: Access live footage from anywhere via your smartphone.
  • Motion Detection Alerts: Be notified immediately of any unusual movements.
  • Professional Installation: Ensuring optimal coverage and performance.

Plan Ahead for a Safe Holiday Season


Don’t wait until the last minute. As you plan your holidays, ensure your security measures are in place. Contact E Concept today to discuss the best CCTV options for your home.

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