ZkTeco SF300

Powerful. Compact. IP-Based FingerPrint Terminal

SF300 is a powerful IP Based fingerprint device, which operates both in network and standalone mode. ZkTeco SF300 is a powerful and efficient time attendance solution with full access control features for small to medium size businesses. It is ideal solution for securing entrances and exits, or for tracking employee arrivals, breaks and departures with anti pass-back feature.
ZkTeco SF300 is a compact, easy to install fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal which combines the modern fingerprint recognition technology with the advanced security framework of ZKAccess3.5 software. By integrating innovative fingerprint identification technology, it can quickly identify and verify employees by matching the scanned biometric data by comparing it to pre-registered stored templates without requiring any additional equipment or hardware. The auxiliary input interface allows the SF300 to connect with external sources, such as smoke detectors and emergency switches. In case of an emergency, it can generate an alarm signal and open the door.


  1. Touch Screen with 2.8 inch color display.
  2. 24 Defined Schedules
  3. Prompt Audio Acceptance or rejection signals.
  4. Enhanced Flexibility to link with wired detector or emergency switch.
  5. Up to 15 multi verification methods to enhance security level.
  6. Tamper Proof Switch & Multiple Alarm Outputs.
  7. One Solution for both time Attendance and Access control.
  8. 1,500 Fingerprint capacity and 80,000 transactions

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ZkTeco SF300